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Roy Negrosa

Roy David Negrosa is an accomplished Filipino artist and photographer based in Northern Virginia. With a passion for storytelling, he uses the medium of portrait photography to capture the depth of human emotion through captivating imagery.

His creative journey began at a young age and spans across various artistic realms, including drawing, sculpting, writing, and visual media. Like his parents, Roy has always been an artist at heart and an avid admirer of film, music, and literature. These influences have played a significant role in shaping his artistic sensibilities, helping him cultivate his distinctive, signature style over the years.

Photography, for Roy, is nothing short of a superpower—a way to freeze time and share his unique perspective of the world. Through his lens, he captures the life of our time—the love shared, laughs had, lifestyles and fashion trends. Each photo immortalizes its subject in all from monumental occasions down to the subtle moments that give life its profound meaning.

Driven by his fervor for the arts, Roy aspires to create a vibrant and evocative body of work that inspires, evokes deep emotion, and authentically portrays vulnerability. Frame by frame, he masterfully freezes time, creating visual narratives that transcend the boundaries of ordinary existence.

In essence, Roy David Negrosa's work stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication to one's craft, the ability to connect with people through art, and a relentless pursuit of capturing the essence of life through the lens.

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